1. Speaker

    Overwhelmed and Under-happy? I present witty, informative, life changing talks that will challenge your perspective and offer you one step to get you moving forward.

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  2. Author

    Need a hug with words? I write funny, serious, and inspiring stories about life. Follow my blog or read my book A Slice Of Happy ~ Because the Whole Pie is Overrated.

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  3. Coach

    Do have paralysis by analysis? I can help you choose the right goals paired with sustainable habits to get you unstuck; one life-slice at a time.


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People get stuck. I help them get unstuck. I help entrepreneurial women who feel overwhelmed by their business, and life to-do lists, get  dramatic results with three simple steps.


1) We figure out what you want; not what everyone else wants for you, or what you think you should want. No. we get right to that little voice that’s screaming inside you to; open a business, write a book, make a million dollars, stop eating cookies – whatever the goal, it’s the one that’s begging you to do something about it.


2) We get rid of the clutter or noise that doesn’t fit your vision. This could be the clutter in your house or business, the clutter in your mind or the clutter in your emotions. Together we will get ruthless on taking care of the garbage that is keeping you in one spot.


3) We take action. We take lots of little baby steps, like a thousand tiny steps that won’t seem like much at first, but when you look back and see where you started, compared to where you are now, you’ll feel like people are staring at you because your face-splitting happy grin is making them uncomfortable.  You will know the secret and it will show, in everything you do.


Why Results Coaching? I know how painful it can be to feel stuck, to have paralysis by analysis, or feel the fear of even taking one step – and that’s why I’m here.


I can be your stick, or your carrot, your nagging voice or your inspiration. Coaching is about getting the best out of you whether your are setting lofty goals, or challenging your unproductive habits. Coaching is a set of tools that when applied consistently and with feedback, will get you results. Sometimes, you need directive, an action plan, or accountability. Other times you need a strategic eye for the big picture, a bit like life GPS. And sometimes, you might just need a kick in the butt so you can move forward with that persistent voice inside your head saying, ‘I know this isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing – I need to make a change!’


Why Heather Korol? Because I listen. I listen to your words, and your stories, I listen to your hopes and your dreams, your successes and your failures. And when you are done talking, I will give you the vision of yourself that you’ve always known to be true.


I will offer you a path to your destination – and if that’s too woo-woo for you – I’ll offer you a series of steps that you take, to get where you want to go.  I have been a coach for twenty years. I have an arsenal of tools, a lot of experience, and an unwavering belief that we will find a way that works for you. I like to help people learn something new, tackle something hard, or help them sort out the noise that is getting in the way of reaching their goals.

I am a Results Coach. I will challenge you to squeeze every bit of extraordinary life out of the time you have. I will ask you the questions; What do want? When do you want it? And How am I  going to help you get there?


When you’re ready, we will choose the result, then focus the effort.

All you need to do is take one step. Email me here. We’ll get started today!